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Why Fastbraces?


Fastbraces® will get your teeth straight in a quicker shorter time frame.Quite often from 3-12 months and in a lot of cases as little as 6 months.


1. Shorter time having braces on

2. Often cheaper than conventional braces

3. Less Pain

4. Fix teeth that are chipped or worn down due to wear.






Fastbraces® are a more conservative and faster way to get your teeth straightened. Far fewer extractions are involved and the Fastbraces® system corrects interrupted or incomplete eruptions. We believe that it is this incomplete eruption that caused many tooth alignment problems. We call this orthodontosis as opposed to orthodontics.


The Difference.

With standard issue braces, the average treatment will last two years, and many people have their braces even longer. But with Fastbraces®, some patients have been able to complete their orthodontic care in as little as 20 weeks.

Not every patient will be finished that quickly, however it’s common for patients to complete their Fastbraces® treatment in less than a year, which is a huge savings of time.

Both use brackets. Both use wires. Both will move your teeth into new and better positions in the end. Either way, you get a healthier, better-looking smile.

One difference is that Fastbraces® use special triangular brackets. This affects the forces exerted by the archwire as well as using the flexibility of the wire.

fastbrace 1

With Fastbraces®, the crowns and the roots of your teeth can be moved at the same time. This is what has the most dramatic effect on the total time required to get the job done. With traditional braces, your teeth are moved in stages. First, the crowns are lined up, then the roots are moved to hold the teeth in that position. And each stage takes time to complete. With Fastbraces®  we do more at the same time saving you the time and the money.


Will you need Retainers?

With the complete alignment of the roots of the teeth, retention is needed every day.

The most common reason is to help your teeth stay set in their new positions after wearing braces. It's important to wear your retainer because as your body grows, your teeth do some shifting.




 Some of our Before and Afters.


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Stewart 1

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With Dr. Tony Wood
A proud Fastbraces® Provider.

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